Which Freeflow® Spa Series is Right for You? Sport or Premier?

With all the hot tub options available on the market, shopping can get confusing. Much like cell phones, hot tubs come in all different sizes with different brands offering unique features. Our #1 tip for a first-time spa buyer would be to research the manufacturer of the brand you’re interested in. Once you find a reputable corporation it really comes down to selecting which collection and model is right for you.

Read on to see our simple breakdown of the Freeflow Spas Sports Series versus the Freeflow Spas Premier Series.

Freeflow Spas Sport Series

The Sport Series is an entry level hot tubbing experience with everything you need in a hot tub at a reasonable cost. This series was built to last through tough weather, moves, and years of daily relaxation. Its unibody, rotomolded design makes it extremely durable, coupled with Plug-N-Play technology, installation is an absolute breeze. All you need is a 110-volt dedicated outlet to get started, no additional wiring is required. Did we mention each model has full foam insulation which keeps your monthly energy bill low? Freeflow Spa consumers report a minimal increase to their electrical bill between $20-$50/mo and in temperate climates you’ll see even lower energy expenses. Get pricing from your local Freeflow Spa dealer to get yours today.

Sport Series Spa Owners Share Their Experience

“The best money we’ve ever spent. We bought it 8 years ago and have been in it nearly every single day. We enjoy it as much now as the first time we used it.”

Bob C., Freeflow Spas Sport Series Owner


“We love our Freeflow spa for relaxation purposes and spending time outside under the stars. We also love spending Sunday mornings in it while the sun rises. It is easy maintenance and the most relaxing thing we own!!”

Theresa H., Freeflow Spas Sports Series Owner


“I was looking for a spa with the best bang for my buck so to speak. I had seen one of these online and I must say I love it. I live In Iowa and after about an hour it drops one degree! I have never had it drop more than 2 degrees and it was 29 degrees outside.”

Nick N., Freeflow Spas Sport Series Owner

Freeflow Spas Premier Series

The Premier Series was designed for those who want a high-end feel at an affordable cost. An added synthetic-wood exterior upgrades the award-winning, one-tone Sport Series rotomolded shell to a more sophisticated look. With six possible color combinations for the shell and cabinet, you can customize the hot tub to match your style and complement your deck or backyard.

In addition to the exterior wood, the Premier Series also comes with external LED lights which elegantly light the path to the hot tub for nighttime soaks. Each model in the collection has contoured pillows and a molded-in ice bucket that holds beverages of your choice, so you can transition seamlessly from family fun to entertaining.

Premier Series Spa Owners Share Their Experience

“I use my Freeflow spa at least once a day. It’s my time to relax and recharge. It’s been wonderful during the Minnesota winters (and fall and spring!) as well, because I’m able to still get outside and get some fresh air while staying warm. Easy to maintain.”

Kristy R., Freeflow Spas Premier Series Owner


“We love our Freeflow spa. Never loses temp and ready to go as soon as we get home from work and want to slip away into a hot bubbly pure relaxation destination- right on our patio! Big hit with the kiddos when it’s off season to swim in the big pool. Recommend to all my friends of all ages. Quarantining at home with our Monterey- made it easy to stay in place!”

Gina B., Freeflow Spas Premier Series Owner


“We absolutely love it! We’ve used it every day since it was installed. It’s been really easy to maintain and absolutely wonderful to relax and gaze at the stars here in Montana!”

Rebekah C., Freeflow Spas Premier Series Owner

Both Series are Plug-N-Play and Built to Last

All Freeflow Spas are easy to set up with no electrical hard-wiring required, and are made from tough, weather-resistant materials, with stainless steel trim jets and full foam insulation to maintain energy efficiency and keep your electric bill low. Each purchase comes with a thermal locking cover and 5-year limited warranty. Are you ready to start hot tubbing today? Request pricing from your local dealer.

Not Ready to Buy but Want to Keep Browsing? Use our Virtual Resources.

We have several virtual tools that will help you choose your perfect model and visualize a Freeflow in your space. Visit our Virtual Showroom to feel like you’ve stepped into one of our local retailers. Move in and out of each model to get an in-depth 3D look at the different seating configurations and features. Then place your favorite model in your backyard by using our AR feature. Select any model you want to see and hit “View In Your Space.”⁠