What are the Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs

For centuries, people have traveled to hot springs to bathe in the mineral-rich waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs are prized for their ability to improve health and wellness in a relaxing and natural way. Now you can enjoy those same transformative properties without ever leaving the peace and comfort of your backyard. By adding the benefits of a salt water hot tub to your everyday life, you can more frequently enjoy complete relaxation, avoid the harsh odors, itchy skin or eyes that can happen with a chlorine tub, and minimize the time you spend on cleaning and maintenance.


1. Hot tubs become more like hot springs


One of the biggest benefits of a salt water hot tub compared to a chlorine tub is its ability to eliminate the unpleasant side effects of chlorine. Many people wish to avoid odors from chlorine and the itchy effects on eyes and skin that some people experience. With a salt water system, you get the more natural feeling, warm and soothing water with several technological advantages shown here.

Natural-feeling water

A salt water system in your hot tub makes the water feel more natural and comfortable for everyday use. With the softer water experience with less chance of skin or eye irritation from chlorine.

Enhance your fitness routine

A salt water hot tub supports your active lifestyle by bringing hydrotherapy into your home. Hot tubs relieve the pressure on muscles and help loosen joints, while also improving circulation. By incorporating hot tub sessions into your exercise routine, you can relax and rejuvenate your body between workouts.


Part of leading a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a healthy environment. Thankfully, salt water hot tubs from Hot Spring® spas are eco-friendlier than their traditional chlorine counterparts. That’s because you only need to change the water once a year with normal use. Less water usage and less chemical usage mean salt water systems are easier on you, your family and the environment.

2. Less maintenance


Most home owners want to spend more time enjoying their hot tub than they do maintaining it. Here again, salt water hot tubs produce some tremendous benefits.

Easy to maintain

With a salt water system with Hot Spring® spas, you take the guesswork out of water care. With a little salt added to the spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically and reduces your time spent measuring and adding chemicals. Plus, advanced spas let you monitor the sanitizing system with an intuitive control panel. This simplified system takes the work out of hot tub maintenance so you can focus on improving your health and well-being.

3. Enjoy total relaxation


Hot tubs in general are the perfect way to bring a calming, relaxing experience into your home. Strong chlorine odors, itchy eyes and dry skin don’t belong at a natural hot spring, so it shouldn’t be part of your attempt to recreate that experience at home. If you’re after the experience of a soaking in a natural hot spring at your home, you should look at a salt water hot tub.


The Hot Spring FreshWater® Salt Water System represents extraordinary value for your investment, especially since you’ll use your spa more often when it’s always ready for you. The FreshWater Salt System is available from Hot Spring® Highlife®, and Limelight® Collection spa models. You can also download a brochure or request an easy price quote.