Hot Spring Envoy- Carlsbad, CA

Hot Spring Envoy

Carlsbad, CA

Look where the Gordon Family will be ringing in the New Year, Carlsbad California! Wow, what a wonderful designed area for a new HotSpringSpas Envoy!

We wish you and your family all the best hydrotherapy in 2018!


The Envoy will help you feel your best.

Featuring 43 powerful jets, the Hot Spring Envoy provides powerful performance that leads to soothing, blissful relaxation. It has advanced Tri-X® filtration for cleaner water and Wavemaster® continuous duty jet pumps. This hot tub seats five people and is part of the Highlife Collection.

The jet system offers an incredible 43 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas including your back, neck, shoulders and calves. Designed to provide the ultimate ease, enjoyment, endurance and efficiency.