Retail Sales Associate

Position: Retail Sales Associate

Overview: A Sales Associate position holds the responsibility of professionally selling all retail partners and suppliers products. The general outline is to create a full-time position that is solely dedicated to growing the retail program. The details / responsibilities of this position are as follows (We reserve the right to add additional details / responsibilities as needed):

Sales Duties & Responsibilities

Common Tasks:

  1. Day One Complete: Employee Add/Punch-In/Out Training, Fill out W-4/I-9/Copy of Driver’s License/SSN Card
  2. Point of Sale (QuickBooks)
  3. Water Care (See Water Care SOP – attached)
  4. Product Knowledge (Hot Tub/Accessories & Water Care Products)
  5. Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
  6. Salesforce certified
  7. Sales technology

Sales Associates Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To have consistent knowledge, on a year to year basis, of all products available from all retail partners and suppliers.
  2. Maintains effective work relationships with fellow associates and follows the business polices/ business practices within Dealership Name.
  3. Regular attendance of courses including online training offered by all retail partners (Sales training, classes, Dealer Meetings etc.) with the pinnacle sales training by Watkins Wellness training course attended within 12 months of employment.
  4. Maintain a familiarity with the retail partners (Programs, Updates, Partner Links, Online resources etc).
  5. Assists in maintaining showroom display and readiness.
  6. Responsible for SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) collect and input customer contact information into Point of Sale/CRM system.
  7. Observe all company pricing policies.
  8. Maintain showroom cleanliness in accordance with Dealership Name SOP.
  9. Professionally sell retail department products to consumers on a daily basis.
  10. Ensure monthly and yearly goals are met for all product categories.
  11. Attend all weekly sales meetings. Attend company monthly meetings/training (date to be provided to all employees). Be prepared to assist Sales Manager conduct weekly/monthly sales training.
  12. Follow proper procedures for all employment policies and status changes.
  13. Ensure post sale customer education and satisfaction process is followed.
  14. Ensure all in store and digital leads are followed in accordance with the lead follow-up program and documentation of activities conducted, as determined by management team. To be able to report to Sales Manager when requested.
    1. Conduct quarterly call-a-thons
    2. Conduct Post Sale Ultimate Hot Tub Ownership Follow-up
  15. Have knowledge of competing companies and all competitive products they represent.
  16. Ensure Store Manager and Sales Manager are informed of your scheduled absence at least 30 days in advance, or at each monthly meeting for next month (for example; June Monthly meeting must turn in July PTO requests).
  17. Be present and on-time for all scheduled times to work the showroom and outside events.
  18. Maintain a professional image on the sales floor (Dress attire – slacks, no denim, wear company provided polo shirt, maintain proper Hygiene etc.).
  19. Maintain healthy and positive work environment.
  20. Lead generation goals: Be assertive and show initiative in generating new business sales.
  21. HAVE FUN