Can a Swim Spa be In-Ground?

Can a Swim Spa be In-Ground?


If you are considering purchasing a swim spa, you may be wondering if it can be installed in-ground. While portable, self-contained units are popular and can easily be placed on the ground, patio or deck and in-ground installations can be the focal point of your landscaping and transform your backyard into a magazine-worthy personal oasis. Swim spas can be installed in-ground, however, there are a few points that you should be aware of.


In-ground swim spas do cost more for installation but offer a seamless, built-in look. Above ground swim spas come self-contained and pre-plumbed, meaning they can pretty much be installed anywhere that has a level, sturdy base and access to an electrical supply. But many people feel that they can look bulky or awkward and take away from their landscaping appeal.

With an in-ground swim spa, you can decide whether you want it to blend in or be the focal point of your backyard. Typically, in-ground swim spas are installed via modular components, which can allow for customization options. Swim spas can also be installed into a deck. A pre-built shell can be used to drop into a cut-out and will still have a seamless look, but typically for less cost than an in-ground install.

In-ground Swim Spa vs. Pool

A mentioned above, modular components are used to install in-ground swim spas. This is what allows your swim spa to be customizable as well as having the durability that will ensure that it lasts for many years to come. While it’s true the installation process is more involved versus an above-ground spa, an in-ground swim spa is still much quicker and more cost-effective than installing a traditional outdoor pool.

If you are trying to decide between an in-ground pool or in-ground swim spa for your backyard, swim spas do have a number of advantages. To begin with, they are significantly less expansive compared to be a pool owner. This is because they contain less water, require fewer chemicals to operate and utilize less electricity in addition to being energy efficient. Quality models like Hydropool are designed with superior insulation that traps and reuses waste heat produced by the motor and other components.

Year-Round Use

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing an in-ground swim spa over a pool is that you can use it all year long. Because of the insulation, compact size, and energy efficiency of Hydropool’s swim spa models, you can use it in every season which maximizes your investment.

Plus, swim spas are great for your health. They offer the perfect way to stay active, as they are designed with a powerful swim current that allows people to swim laps in place, without having to turn around – similar to how a treadmill works. For families, they offer a great place to teach children how to swim and just enjoy splashing around and having fun. Most models also feature several hydrotherapy seats, so when you are done your workout, you can sit and relax a warm, soothing massage.

Now that you know all about all the advantages that in-ground swim spas offer, download a swim spa buyer’s guide to learn more about their wonderful features and benefits.